Frysinger Evans (1871-1955)

Frysinger Evans was born on February 1, 1871 at Sunbury, Pennsylvania to William and Alice Frysinger Evans. In 1888 he entered the Dickinson Grammar School, and eventually matriculated to the College. At Dickinson, Evans was a member of the Belles Lettres Literary Society, the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, and Phi Beta Kappa. He graduated with the class of 1892.

From 1892 to 1895, Evans was an assistant professor at the Millersville Normal School, earning a master’s degree from Dickinson in 1895. He briefly studied law at the University of Pennsylvania. During the Spanish-American War, he served on the executive committee in charge of hospital work for the American Red Cross.

In 1899, Evans returned to his alma mater as treasurer. In addition to his duties on campus, Evans gained admittance to the Cumberland County Bar in 1901. Also in 1901, he married Edith Perrin Brewster. He left his position at Dickinson in 1907. Frysinger Evans died on April 15, 1955.

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