Henry Anderson (1829-1862)

Birth: July 24, 1829

Death: November 18, 1862; Montgomery White Sulphur Springs, Virginia

Military service: CSA, 1861-62 (Hospital Duty)

Alma Mater: Dickinson College, B.A. (Class of 1852); University of Virginia, M.D.

Born in Salem, Roanoke County, Virginia.  Henry Anderson came to Dickinson as a junior in September 1850 where he joined the Union Philosophical Society.  He received in B.A. in two years graduating with the class of 1852.  Two years after graduating from Dickinson he received his medical degree from the University of Virginia.  He practiced medicine in Philadelphia and Baltimore.   On April 22, 1857 he married Anne Eliza Peterman with whom he had two children: Jane R. Anderson and Henry Peterman Anderson.

At the outbreak of the war, Anderson returned to his native Virginia to perform hospital duty.  He died on November 18, 1862 while on hospital duty in Montgomery White Sulphur Springs, Virginia.

More information about other Dickinson war casualties can be found through the online project "In Remembrance" (see link for related entries below).

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