Norman C. Watkins, Jr. (1919-1944)

Norman C. Watkins, Jr. (1919-1944)

Norman Watkins was born in Minersville, Pennsylvania in 1919, the son of a Dickinson Law School graduate. The younger Watkins prepared at Baltimore Polytechnic and entered the Dickinson College in 1940. He withdrew in 1942 to attend the Dickinson School of Law. He withdrew from there in January 1943 to enlist in the United States Army.

Watkins received his commission in July 1943, and in October left for combat duty in Europe as commander of a platoon of Combat Engineers. His unit participated in the D-Day landings, and, after sufficient rest, was then sent back into action in Normandy.

On July 27, 1944, Lieutenant Watkins was killed in action at the head of his platoon.

More information about other Dickinson war casualties can be found through the online project "In Remembrance" (see link for related entries below).

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