Robert Blaine Weaver (1850-1927)

Robert Blaine Weaver was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1850 to John H. and Lacey Davidson McCord Weaver. He attended the local Dickinson Preparatory School, before entering the College proper in 1870. Weaver joined the Theta Delta Chi fraternity at Dickinson and graduated from the College in 1874.

He went on to become a businessman in Carlisle. Throughout his life, he was an active member of the Union Philosophical Society and the Second Presbyterian Church of Carlisle. In his later years, he resided with his sister, Laura Davidson Weaver, at 127 North Hanover St., the house in which the two were born.

On August 12, 1927, Weaver died, bequeathing his entire estate, valued at approximately $65,000, to his sister, with the money to be directed to Dickinson upon her death. On July 15, 1932, Laura Davidson Weaver died, leaving $35,296 and the property on North Hanover St., appraised at $7000, to the College. With this gift, the Robert Blaine Weaver Chair of Political Science was established in 1950.

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