Samuel Hamilton Peach (1831-1862)

Birth: March 14, 1831; Prince George’s County, Maryland

Death:  July3, 1862 (age 31); Lumpkin, Georgia

Military Service: CSA, 1861-62

Unit: ---

Alma Mater: Dickinson College, B.A. (Class of 1852)

Samuel Peach entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania as a junior in 1850 and received his bachelor of arts degree in 1852. Peach was an active member of the Belles Lettres Literary Society as a student. After graduation he moved to Lumpkin, Georgia and set up a law practice after being admitted to the bar there.

When the war erupted, Peach was commissioned as a colonel in the Confederate States Army. He died in Lumpkin on July 3, 1862 and was buried at East Side cemetery in Lumpkin.

More information about other Dickinson war casualties can be found through the online project "In Remembrance" (see link for related entries below).

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