Samuel McClung McPherson (1837-1863)

Samuel M. McPherson, 1858

Birth: October 11, 1837; Lewisburg, Virginia (now West Virginia)

Death: June 14, 1863 (age 25); Richmond, Virginia

Military Service: USA, 1861-63

Unit: 59thVirginia Infantry

Alma Mater: Dickinson College, B.A. (Class of 1858)

Samuel M. McPherson was born to state legislator and Virginia militia officer Colonel Joel McPherson and his wife Amanda McClung McPherson. He was the fourth child of eight. McPherson entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was elected to the Union Philosophical Society there, and graduated with his class in the early summer of 1858.

McPherson studied medicine in Philadelphia and earned his medical degree. Early in the Civil War he became surgeon of the Fifty-ninth Virginia Infantry and a well-known and respected medical officer under General Henry A. Wise.

On June 14, 1863, Samuel McClung McPherson died in the service of the Confederate States near Richmond, Virginia.

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