Lily von Klemperer

"How to Read Study Abroad Literature," by Lily von Klemperer
December 1974

Lily von Klemperer explains how to interpret vague - or purposefully misleading - language sometimes found on advertisements and brochures.

Letter from Lily Von Klemperer to Marvin Slind
November 17, 1984

Lily von Klemperer thanks Marvin Slind for for his efforts and praises the success of the 1984 NAFSA National Conference. Lily von Klemperer, who delivered the keynote address at the conference, also wrote Slind other letters as she prepared the...

Speech for 1st Lily von Klemperer Award
April 27, 1988

This speech was read at the first presentation of the Lily von Klemperer Award at NAFSA's National Conference in May 1988.  Lily von Klemperer was the first recipient of the award.

Collection: Marvin Slind Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

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