Letter from Cyril Taylor to Teachers
November 1964

American Institute for Foreign Study Director of Programs Cyril J. H. Taylor writes to teachers about the organization's Summer School Program. While "all of our places at Tours and La Rochelle... have been filled," Taylor explains that "we are...

Letter from DeWitt Baldwin to Heads of Departments of Modern Languages

DeWitt C. Baldwin, International Director of the Lisle Fellowship, Inc., writes to the Heads of Departments in Russian, Spanish, and French to promote summer programs in practical foreign language use.

Letter from Lily Von Klemperer to Jolene Koester
July 10, 1977

In this handwritten letter from Lily Von Klemperer to Jolene Koester, Lily agrees to head up the Section on US Students Abroad (SECUSSA) task force. The task force creates new publications related to US students studying abroad, determines due...

Qualifications for Employment in Study Abroad
November 1977

This National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA) memo outlines the necessary qualifications for study abroad personnel or those wishing to pursue a career in study abroad counseling, advising, or within the private sector. 

Press Release about Health Insurance Plan from William L. Gertz Co.
May 11, 1981

A May 1981 press release from the William L. Gertz Company for International Underwriters/Brokers, Inc. that describes a "Unique Health Insurance Plan Offered to Overseas Travelers."

Letter from Lily Von Klemperer to Marvin Slind
November 17, 1984

Lily von Klemperer thanks Marvin Slind for for his efforts and praises the success of the 1984 NAFSA National Conference. Lily von Klemperer, who delivered the keynote address at the conference, also wrote Slind other letters as she prepared the...

Minutes of SECUSSA National Team Meeting
October 2, 1988

The minutes from the SECUSSA National Team Meeting in 1988. The issues discussed during the meeting included the NAFSA code of ethics, student concerns with the French Consulate, and upcoming field service opportunities.

Memo from Jane Cary on Terrorist Threats in Italy
November 14, 1990

Jane Cary, the Region XI SECUSSA Rep, sends this memo in November 1990 about terrorist threats in Florence, Italy. An Italian revolutionary group threatens to "strike heavily" against American interests in Italy in response to escalation in the...

NAFSA Gulf Crisis Alert
January 23, 1991

The NAFSA: Association of International Educators issued this Gulf Crisis Alert on January 23, 1991.  It advises NAFSA members about procedure and communication for the safety of American students abroad.

Recommendation to the CIEE Professional Affairs Committee
June 3, 1992

Marvin Slind recommends that the University of Ohio be accepted as a member of the Council on International Educational Exchange(CIEE).  Provides insight into the process of a state university working to build a study abroad program.

Letter from Joan Gore to William Hoffa
April 6, 1994

Joan Elias Gore, the Mid- and Southern-Atlantic Region Field Director at the Council for International Educational Exchange, writes to William Hoffa, another CIEE Field Director, about the CIEE Oral History Project.

"On the Purposes of Study Abroad," by William Cressey
August 24, 2004

An email from William Cressey to the members of SECUSSA containing a short piece that he wrote about studying abroad with some thoughts on how to improve the field and the types of questions students should ask themselves when making the decision...

Letter from Carmen Aponte to Brian Whalen
April 16, 2012

Carmen G. Aponte, Regional Liaison Officer for the U.S. Department of State, writes to Dr. Brian Joseph Whalen about his grant to lecture on "Standards of Good Practice in Study Abroad" in Brazil.  

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