Dickinson Alumnus, December 1944

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Trustees appointed Professor Cornelius William Prettyman (class of 1891) as the 21st President.
  • Fighter pilot Capt. Samuel F. Hepford (class of 1940) returned home to Pennsylvania on leave after 150 mission against Japan.
  • Several alumni were killed in action, including Major John Owing Cockey Jr. (class of 1940), Lt. Norman C. Watkins Jr. (class of 1944), and First Lieutenant John W. Ell (class of 1940).
  • Clayton G. Going (class of 1937) published Dogs at War, which described the activities of "America's first war dog army. "
  • Thelma M. Smith (class of 1935), a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, published "Feminism in Philadelphia, 1790-1850" in the July issue of Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography.