Dickinson Alumnus, December 1953

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Several female students presented President William W. Edel (class of 1915) with the first donation for a proposed student activities building.
  • Mark E. Garber (class of 1919) was appointed as a judge in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.
  • Mrs. Merle W. Allen donated a portrait of President James Buchanan (class of 1809), which was painted in 1859.
  • Rev. Dr. Asbury Smith (class of 1923) was appointed superintendent of the Washington West District of the Methodist Church.
  • Dr. John P. Milligan (class of 1926) was named as assistant New Jersey state education commissioner in charge of the Division Against Discrimination.
  • Professor Harold A. Weigel reviewed Dr. Erwin Wickert's new book, Dramatic Days in Hitler's Reich. Wickert was a German exchange student in 1935-1936.