Dickinson Alumnus, February 1951

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • The College entered into an arrangement with Case Institute of Technology, located in Cleveland, Ohio, that allowed students to obtain a bachelor of science degree from Dickinson and a bachelor degree in engineering from Case.
  • Frank E. Masland Jr. (class of 1918) was elected chairman of the board of the Carpet Institute, Inc.
  • Rev. Ira S. Pimm (class of 1919) was selected as Headmaster of The Pennington School in New Jersey.
  • Dr. J. Rolland Crompton (class of 1920) was appointed Headmaster of the Tilton School in New Hampshire.
  • A freshman died in an automobile accident on the Pennsylvania turnpike that injured two other students and killed one of their parents.
  • Henry W. Monyer (class of 1927) was named as the administrative assistant to Dr. Thomas H. Ford (class of 1914), the superintendent of the public schools of Reading, Pennsylvania.