Dickinson Alumnus, November 1925

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Professor Mervin G. Filler (class of 1893) discussed the college's use of intelligence tests.
  • Joseph M. Burns, the new superintendent of grounds and buildings,¬†ordered for all dorms in Old West to be converted to academic spaces.
  • The Fraternity Alumni Council discussed several proposals, including changing rushing rules and eligibility requirements.
  • Trustee Melville Gambrill bequeathed $150,000, which was the largest gift in the college's history.
  • President James Henry Morgan (class of 1878) reflected on his own experiences as a student athlete in "Athletics in Pennsylvania Colleges: Sketches of Some Evils and a Proposed Remedy."
  • Former President George Edward Reed published "Certain Early Experiences," the fourth in a series entitled "Reminiscences of Dickinson."