Buchanan, Edward Young

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Letters from James Buchanan to Mr. Lane and James L. Reynolds

James Buchanan writes to Mr. Lane and James L. Reynolds regarding paying bills, political appointments, and Buchanan's political future. "I shall not be a candidate for the Presidency, & would not wish to become President" because, as Buchanan explains, "it has lost its charm." Transcript...

Letter from Edward Buchanan to Clement Butler
November 3, 1886

Rev. Edward Young Buchanan writes to his friend Rev. Clement Moore Butler. Buchanan mentions one of his brothers, who Butler is growing more fond of: "time and the subsidence of party spirit...have begun to do him justice."

Location: I-Friends-1986-1

Subject: Personal and Family Life

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1880-1899

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