Lee, Robert Edward

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Letters from William Meredith to Eli Slifer

William Meredith writes sixteen letters to Eli Slifer, Secretary of the Commonwealth during the Civil War, in which he discusses bounty payments to soldiers, a potential bill for consolidating government-funded loans, purchasing the battle ground at Gettysburg for memorial purposes, as well as...

Letter from George D. Chenoweth to James W. Marshall
July 15, 1863

George D. Chenoweth describes the Confederate invasion, occupation, and shelling of Carlisle. He mentions leaving Carlisle before the raid, and the pleasure of finding none of their personal belongings disturbed upon his return. 12,000 men entered the town, setting up camp around the town and on...

Location: I-Original-1863-4

Subject: Carlisle and Cumberland County, Military Affairs and Conflict

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879

Letters from John Cuddy (Jul. - Sept. 1863)
July - September 1863

John Taylor Cuddy writes five letters to his friends and family describing his experience as a soldier for the Union Army during the Civil War. Cuddy discusses the places he has traveled through and the battles he has witnessed. In addition, Cuddy mentions Confederate General Robert E. Lee's...

Location: MC 2001.9, B1, F9

Subject: Military Affairs and Conflict, Personal and Family Life

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879

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