Marshall, John

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Letter from Roger B. Taney to Unknown Recipient
November 21, 1837

Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney (Class of 1795) responds to a request for a sample of the late Chief Justice John Marshall's handwriting and a sample of Taney's own handwriting. While Taney does not have a sample of Marshall's writing, Taney notes that this letter can serve as a sample of his...

Location: I-Friends-1975-19

Subject: Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1820-1839

Address at the Ceremonies Honoring the Chief Justice Taney by Earl Warren
October 24, 1954

United States Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren delivers a speech at the ceremonies held in Frederick, Maryland that honored former Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney (Class of 1795). Warren, who offers a brief overview Taney's legal and political career, comments on Taney's judicial...

Location: I-WarrenE-1955-1

Subject: Legal Affairs, Politics and Government

Format: Speeches and Sermons

Time Period: 1940-1959

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