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Mid-Winter Ball

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In this issue of the Dickinsonian Uhuru to feature Alphonso Britt. Fraternities face dissolution across college campuses. Dean Wishmeyer resigns from SREC (Student Rules Evaluation Committee). Foreign students find diet difficult at Dickinson. Drayer and Metzger battle in football game. Book of...

Dickinsonian Front Page

Eduardo Mondlane discusses Mozambique's attempt to break from Portugal and establish its independence. Hootenanny Festival brings The Greenbriar Boys, The Steel Singers, Judy Roderick, and Lenny and Dick to campus to raise money for the Campus Chest. Class of 1967 defeats trial of new honor...

Dickinsonian Front Page

The Public Affairs Symposium will be on the controversial topic of "The New Morality." Jazz trumpet player Maynard Ferguson will play at the Mid-Winter Weekend featured concert. Some Dickinson students attend a rally in DC against the current actions being taken in Vietnam, though other students...


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