Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 25, 1955

Dickinson College and Dickinson Law School have developed a combined elective program to allow students who may be interested in pursuing law, but aren’t certain, to take some classes. This way they will not have to pay for graduate school if they decide the career is not for them. New study abroad options are now available in Cuba and Austria for students through the Dean of Men. The chair of the English Department of Dickinson College, Dr. William Sloane, writes a book entitled Children’s Books in England and America in the Seventeenth Century. It makes the argument that there were in fact books written for children in the eighteenth century contrary to popular belief. Professor Alan McGill of the English Department is rewarded the Danforth Fellowship which will entitle him to one year of graduate work at a university of his choosing. Forty-five people are chosen to receive this award.