"Bulwark of Liberty: Early Years at Dickinson" (Spahr Lectures Vol. 1)

"Bulwark of Liberty: Early Years at Dickinson" (Spahr Lectures Vol. 1)

Publisher: New York: Fleming H. Revell Company

Volume 1 of the Boyd Lee Spahr Lectures in Americana series includes essays from scholars that focus on various aspects of Dickinson College's history.

Table of Contents:

-- "Boyd Lee Spahr, Dickinsonian: An Appreciation"
-- "Bulwark of Liberty" by Whitfield J. Bell Jr.
-- "Benjamin Rush and the Beginnings of 'John and Mary's College' Over Susquehanna" by Lyman H. Butterfield
-- "Charles Nisbet, Portrait in Miniature" by Boyd Lee Spahr
-- "A Frontier Experiment with Higher Education" by Joseph B. Smith
-- "The Sources of the Original Dickinson College Library" by James W. Phillips
-- "Hugh Brackenridge's Ride: How We Got 'Old West'" by William W. Edel
-- "The Education of Roger B. Taney" by Carl B. Swisher
-- "James Buchanan: Lessons in Leadership in Trying Times" by Roy F. Nichols 

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