Letter from Roger B. Taney to Arthur Shaaff

Letter from Roger B. Taney to Arthur Shaaff
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May 14, 1828

Maryland Attorney General Roger Brooke Taney writes to Arthur Shaaff, an attorney in Georgia, to share news about his family as well as discus legal and political issues. Taney notes that his two daughters, along with Shaaff's friends, are in Georgetown for Rebecca Key's wedding. In addition, Taney explains the status of a bond and explains why a lawsuit might be necessary. In addition, Taney advises Shaaff against returning to Maryland to "resume the profession of the law in [Maryland]."

Taney also responds to Shaaff's question about the "prospects" of Andrew Jackson in the 1828 Presidential election. "We do not doubt his success," as Taney notes. Taney also notes that Henry Clay "has been here electioneering" in Baltimore and explains that "his visit and speech will not add to his strength." Transcript included.

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Gift of Boyd Lee Spahr