North College Burns

Tue., Nov. 11, 1856

North College caught fire in the early hours of the morning.  Horatio Collins King (Class of 1858) described the incident in his journal:

"About midnight, I was awakened by the eng of 'College on fire', 'College on fire'!  I hurried to the back Campus, when I perceived the 'Capitol' i.e. North College in flames.  North C— consists of a row of one story stone buildings, and at this corner the 'Capitol'.  In the latter place, the first, the work of some student probably, commenced. ... The engines came up, but succeeded in saving only a little of the wood-work, which will answer for fire-wood.  The buildings were to be removed in a short time, as the 'Capitol was complained of as a nuisance.  The loss is small.  The ruins are quite classic in their appearance.  Returned to room at 1 1/2- [1:30am] and retired again."

King reported that there was no interruption in the next day's "recitations" due to the fire.


Journal of Horatio Collins King, Class of 1858