Women's Choral Club Performs "A Musical Vesper Service"

Sun., Jun. 7, 1936

The Women's Choral Club performed A Musical Vesper Service at 8:15pm in the Allison Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church during commencement weekend. For the first part of the program, they sang Rosselli's "Adoramus Te", Thompson's "A Ballad of the Stork", Bach's "My Heart Ever Faithful", and Debussy's "Clair de Lune". Part two of the program featured "music of the colonization period of America": "Let People That on Earth Do Dwell", "Nymphs and Shepherds", "Trip a Trop", "Preguntale a las Estrallas", "Ladira", and "Evening Prayer". The program continued with a selection of American music, including Hopkinson's "My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free", Foster's "Southern Songs", Burleigh's "O Didn't It Rain", Cadman's "Indian Mountain Song", and McDowell's "To a Water Lily". The choir concluded the show with Bortniansky's "Cherubim Song" and Grieg's "Jesus, Friend of Sinners". 


A Musical Vesper Service Program