Alumni at Homecoming game, 1994

A group of alumni in the stands at Biddle field watch the Homecoming game in October 1994.

Alumni enjoy some conversation

Alumni engage in some conversation during their Fifty-fifth Reunion.

L to R:  Tom Burns, Gladys LeFevre, Ken Boohar.

Alumni Field Hockey team at Homecoming, 1991

The Alumni Field Hockey team celebrates together at Homecoming weekend in October 1991.

Pam Woodcock ('91) is third from left in front. 

Alumni from Class of 1874 at reunion

Seven alumni from the Class of 1874 standing in the academic quad during Alumni Weekend, 1924.

Alumni from Class of 1885 wearing top hats at reunion

Men from the Class of 1885 enjoy wearing top hats at their reunion c.1900.

Alumni from Class of 1893 sitting on steps

Group of Alumni from the Class of 1893 seating on steps holding straw hats at their 30th Reunion.

Alumni from Class of 1895 standing in Gateway

During the dedication of the Class of 1895 Gateway, alumni gather for the ceremonies.  The gateway is located at the corner of West and Louther Streets and was dedicated during Alumni Weekend in 1930.

Alumni from Class of 1896 at their Twentieth Reunion, 1916

Class of 1896 pose during their Twentieth Reunion.

Standing:  Elmer Etherington Jones, Merkel Landis, Henry Samuel Noon, Lewis Alonzo Dyer, Harry Linwood Price, James Lewis Nutting Channel, James Harvey Line, Evertt Andrew Burnes, Judson T. Strickler, George Wayne Channel, Walter...

Alumni from Class of 1908

During Alumni Weekend in 1963, the Class of 1908 is seated in the front row.

Alumni from the Class of 1900

Members of the Class of 1900 at their 15 year reunion.

Alumni from the Class of 1900 holding pennants, 1915

Alumni from the Class of 1900 pose with pennants during their reunion in 1915.

Alumni from the Class of 1914

Gentlemen to the front, please.  The Class of 1914 pose at a local golf course during their Twenty-fifth reunion.

Alumni from the Class of 1920

Alumni from the Class of 1920 celebrate their Thirty-fifth Reunion during Alumni Weekend in 1955.  Sadie Mindlin is in the back row, sixth from the left.

Alumni from the Class of 1929, 1974

During Alumni Weekend in May 1974, the Class of 1929 celebrate their Forty-fifth Reunion with a group photo.

Front row L to R:  Grace Elizabeth Leach, Mary Sophia Everett-Dolbear, Margaret Moore Craver-Grimm, Elisabeth Huldah McCoy-Cryer, Mrs. Perry Bucke, Elizabeth W. Pedlow-...

Alumni from the Class of 1930, 1980

Two members of the Class of 1930 fifty years later.

Alumni from the Class of 1931

Alumni take time for a photo during their Fifty-fifth Reunion in 1986.

L to R:  Frank Ake, Mrs. Anstine, Burg Anstine, Mrs. Ake.


Alumni gather at their 50th Reunion

Fifty years after graduation the Class of 1900 are together again Alumni Weekend in 1950.

Alumni hold the '98 banner

During their reunion in July 1928, members of the Class of 1898 hold the '98 banner.

Alumni in dinks

Members of the Class of 1934 get ready for reunion activities by donning their dinks.

Alumni Luncheon, 1990

John Cipko and Harold Weigel attend the Alumni Luncheon at the Sixtieth Reunion of the Class of 1930.

Center L to R:  John Cipko, Harold Weigel.

Alumni Luncheon at Homecoming, 1952

View of a large crowd in the Alumni Gymnasium at the Alumni Luncheon during Homecoming weekend on November 8, 1952.

Alumni pose for the photographer, 1921

A group of Alumni pose for the photographer in 1921 at the Twenty-fifth Reunion of the Class of 1896.

Alumni seated on the steps of West College

Alumni from the Class of 1899 sit on the steps of West College.  Perhaps there is a future Dickinsonian seated in the lower right corner.

Alumni Weekend buffet table, 1970

Alumni go through an outdoor buffet line during Alumni Weekend in June 1970.

Alumni Weekend group photograph

Alumni from the Class of 1912, Class of 1913, and Class of 1914, during Alumni Weekend.

Standing L to R:  John V. McIntire, John C. Groome, Horace L. Jacobs, Jr., Charles C. Bramble.

Seated L to R:  Miriam A. Dum-Frey, Elizabeth M. Garner, Martha L. Johnson, Mrs....


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