Class of 1930 wearing feathered hats, 1955

Wearing feathered headdresses the Class of 1930 is seated in Alumni Gymnasium during their Twenty-fifth reunion in June 1955.

Class of 1933 on parade, 1993

Three alumni from the Class of 1933 lead the parade through campus during Alumni Weekend.  The class is celebrating their Sixtieth Reunion with a banner and sign proudly identifing the Class of 1933.

Left to Right:  Thomas V. Zug, J. Milton Davidson, Thomas F. Reilly

Class of 1943 Reunion, c.1965

View of the Class of 1943 at a reunion around 1965.

Class of 1990

Friends from the Class of 1957 at a reunion around 1990, including Sue Winslow, Betsy Reichle, Jane Flynn, Phyllis Linde, Edith Johnson, Mae Johnson, and Marge Derr.

Class of 1971 Delegates at President Durden Inauguration, 1999

Delegates from the Class of 1971 pose for a photo on the stairs in Waidner-Spahr Library. President Durden is in the middle, wearing a blue button-down and a bowtie.

Joel Claster, c.1940

Joel Claster is a member of the Class of 1914.

Betsy Annette Claud, 1930

Betsy Annette Cloud is a member of the Class of 1928.

William Daily Clayton, c.1885

William Daily Clayton is a member of the Class of 1863.

Co-chairmen of 1932 Reunion Committee, 1967

Stephen and Esther Teller discuss details of the Thirty-fifth Reunion of the Class of 1932.  They are serving as co-chairmen for the June 1967 event.

Left to Right:  Stephen A. Teller, Esther F. Chambers-Teller.

John Marvin Colaw, c.1900

John Marvin Colaw is a member of the Class of 1882.

Commencement, c.1905

College Marshall Horatio Collins King (class of 1858) leads a procession of faculty and students through the academic quad during commencement weekend. The man in a top hot who is at the head of the processing in front of King is carrying the tray of diplomas.

Commencement, 1938

Three men pose for a photograph at Commencement on June 6, 1938.

Left to right: the President of the Class of 1938, Judge E. Foster Heller (Class of 1904 and a trustee), and C. R. B.

Commencement, c.1940

View of an event during Commencement weekend at Dickinson around 1940. President Fred Pierce Corson (Class of 1917) is standing second from left.

The handwritten note on the reverse side reads: "D'son graduation - Uncle Mac [McElfish] - upper left"

Commencement, 1941

Robert F. Rich '07 (left) accepts an honorary degree from President Fred Corson '17 during Commencement on June 9, 1941.

Commencement, 1949

President William Edel '15 (left) stands with Honorary degree recipient Dr. Paul Rufus Burkholder '24 (center) at Commencement on June 5, 1949.

Commencement, 1954

A group of alumni, faculty, trustees, and honorary degree recipients stand on the porch of Drayer Hall on June 13, 1954. Trickett Hall, as well as several other Dickinson School of Law buildings, are visible in the background.

The back row from right to left is Ernest Vuilleumier (...

Commencement, 1955

A student receives her diploma from President William Edel ('15) in the Alumni Gymnasium during Commencement on June 12, 1955.

Commencement, 1958

Several recent graduates sit on the steps of Old West and look at a diploma. 

Left to right (top row): Doris Wigel, Kiki KoKolis, and Sylvia Rambo

Left to right (bottom row): William Roger and Dorcas Adrian Roschy

Commencement, 1962

A Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) cadet shakes President Howard Rubendall's (Class of 1931) hand during Commencement on June 3, 1962.

Commencement, 1962

View as students receive their diplomas during Commencement on June 3, 1962.

Commencement, 1962

View as students receive their diplomas during Commencement on June 3, 1962.

Commencement, 1962

View during Commencement exercises on June 3, 1962.

Commencement, 1966

President Howard L. Rubendall '31 (left) talks with Honorary degree recipient Rolland L. Adams '27 and Professor Richard H. Wanner (left) during Commencement on June 5, 1966.

Commencement, 1969

A group photo at Commencement on May 25, 1969 of Honorary degree recipient Betsy Talbot Blackwell, President Howard Lane Rubendall ('31), and Yale University President Kingman Brewster (far right).

Commencement, 1970

President Howard Lane Rubendall (left) talks with Thomas Hecker (center), and Professor Paul Kaylor at Commencement on May 24, 1970


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