Harold R. Gillespie, Jr., c.1970

Dean of Students and Professor of English Harold Gillespie, Jr. around 1970.

Ross B. Gingrich, c.1980

Mathematics professor and member of the class of 1971 Ross Gingrich, circa 1980.

Amy L. Gingsburg, c.1995

Amy Gingsburg of the Dramatic Arts deparment.

Amy L. Gingsburg, c.1995

Dramatic Arts professor Amy Gingsburg demonstrates something to a student, circa 1995.

David I. Gleim, c.1950

Professor of Chemistry David Gleim, circa 1950.

Wilbur J. Gobrecht, c.1965

Lacrosse Coach, Professor of Physical Education, and member of the class of 1952 Wilbur Gobrecht kneeling on the field, circa 1965.

Wilbur J. Gobrecht, c.1980

A big smile from Wilbur Gobrecht, Lacrosse coach, Professor of Physical Education, and member of the class of 1952.

Andre Goddu, c.1980

History professor Andre Goddu.

Malcolm Goldstein, 1969

Music professor Malcolm Goldstein provides a demonstration in the HUB Social Hall.

Malcolm Goldstein, c.1970

Professor of Music Malcolm Goldstein playing the violin, circa 1970.

William Lambert Gooding, 1898

Professor William Lambert Gooding is a member of the Class of 1874.

Donald E. Gordon, c.1960

Professor of Fine Arts Donald Gordon.

Donald E. Gordon, c.1965

Donald Gordon, Professor of Fine Arts, smoking his pipe around 1965.

Barbara Gorka, c.1990

Barbara Gorka, Professor of Spanish.

Stephen M. Gorman, c.1975

Professor of Political Science Stephen Gorman, circa 1975.

Glen Gould, c.1975

Music professor Glen Gould, circa 1975.

Donald T. Graffam, c.1955

Donald Turner, Psychology and Education Professor, second from left in back, with students around a table.

Donald T. Graffam, c.1955

Psychology and Education professor Donald Graffam.

Philip T. Grier, c.1980

Philip Grier, Professor of Philosophy, reading in his office.

Philip T. Grier, 1980

Professor of Philosophy Philip Grier on May 30, 1980.

Percy W. Griffith, c.1930

Physical Education professor and head coach Percy Griffith on the field around 1930.

Percy W. Griffith, c.1930

Percy Griffith, Professor of Physical Education and head coach.

John C. M. Grimm, c.1960

Professor of Romance Languages John Grimm, circa 1960.

Carl A. Guierrero, 1986

Education professor Carl Guierrero in spring 1986.

Victoria Kathryn Hann, c.1955

View as Dean of Women Victoria Hann talks with Mary Louise Shuman and George Shuman.

Left to Right: Dean of Women Victoria Kathryn Hann (Class of 1950) ; Mary Louise Shuman ; [unknown] ; Trustee George Shuman Jr. (Class of 1937)


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