Flag raising, c.1920

View as students, faculty, and military officials stand on the academic quad during a flag raising ceremony around 1920.

Donald W. Flaherty, 1969

Political Science professor Donald Flaherty playing with his dog on October 20, 1969.

Donald W. Flaherty, c.1980

Professor Donald  Flaherty of the Political Science department gesturing during a lecture.

Noam Flinker, 1984

English professor Noam Flinker enjoys a cup  of coffee in February 1984.

Milton E. Flower, 1973

Professor Milton Flower, a member of the Class of 1931, participates in a performance of 1773 in 1973.

Milton E. Flower, c.1975

Milton Flower, Professor of Fine Arts and Political Science and member of the class of 1931.

Milton E. Flower, c.1980

Retired Fine Arts and Political Science Professor Milton Flower ('31), in center, with History professor John Osborne, standing on right, and others in the May Morris Room of the Spahr Library around 1980.

Wayne W. Floyd, c.1990

Professor of Religion Wayne Floyd, circa 1990.

Football Team, 1980

The 1980 football team poses for a picture at Biddle field. 

First row: Robert Curley ; Hal Hockfield ; Raymond Freeman ; Paul Lupinacci ; Brian Starkman ; Scott Mumma (Tri-Captain) ; Michael Ridgway (Tri-Captain) ; James Bolton (Tri-Captain) ; William Conwell ; John DiOrio ;...

Football Team, 1982

The 1982 football team poses for a team picture.

Front Row (left to right): Gary Auerbach, John Philips, Tom Fleming, Harry Giacometti, Tom Merlie, Mark Kopenhaver, Chuck Casalnova, Jack Morris, Jack Reynolds, Jerry Tackett, Dave Garrett, Jim Caron, Chris Connelly, Chip Hesse,...

Yates M. Forbis, c.1965

Deputy Librarian Yates Forbis poses with a selection of his favorite books in the College's collection, circa 1965.

Yates M. Forbis, 1965

Deputy Librarian Yates Forbis on May 25, 1965.

Ella M. Forsyth, c.1980

A smiling Ella Forsyth, Librarian, circa 1980.

Ella M. Forsyth, 1987

Librarian Ella Forsyth in December 1987.

Arturo A. Fox, 1982

Spanish professor Arturo Fox in his office in 1982.

Arturo A. Fox, 1985

Arturo Fox, Spanish professor, lecturing in 1985.

Arturo A. Fox, c.1990

Spanish professor Arturo Fox around 1990.

Christopher A. Francese, c.2000

Chris Francese, Classical Studies professor, teaching outside on the Academic quad, in 1997.

Christopher A. Francese, c.2000

Professor of Classical Studies Christopher Francese in his office around 2000.

Michael J. Fratantuono, 1992

Economics professor Michael Fratantuono teaching on May 8, 1992.

Michael J. Fratantuono, c.1995

Economics professor Michael Fratantuono meeting with an unidentified woman, circa 1995.

French class, 1995

Professor Michael Kline conducts a French class in spring 1995.

French class, 1995

Professor Michael Kline's French class in spring 1995.

Freshman picnic, 1992

A professor, most likely a freshman seminar faculty, talks to a student during the freshmen picnic on Morgan field on August 30, 1992.

Freshman seminar class, 1984

Professor Nancy Mellerski's freshman seminar class in November 1984.


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