Dramatic Club, 1927

Members of the Dramatic club during the 1926-1927 school year.

Standing, Left to Right: [unknown], Blaine E. Capehart, '29, Dorothy Hcamberlain '27, Professor Wilber Norcross '07, Betsy A. Cloud '27, C. Lincoln Brown '30, [unknown], [unknown]

Seated: Frank G....

Dramatic Club, c.1930

Members of the Dramatic Club around 1930. Professor Wilbur H. Norcross ('07) is in the front row at the center.

Dramatic Club, "Icebound," 1927

View of the cast from the Dramatic Club's production of Icebound in Bosler Hall on March 17, 1927.

Fred A. Lumb,'29, Eleanor G. Dando '28, Professor Wilber H. Norcross, Pamela L. McWilliams '28, Henry E. Harner '29, John (Jack) S. Bowman '27, Marion A. Foberg '28, Blaine E....

Dramatic Club, "Not So Fast," 1929

Cast of the Dramatic Club's production of Not So Fast, which they perform at Commencement on June 7, 1929.

Standing, Left to Right: Frank G. McCrea '29, Vincent Cartusciello '29, Fred A. Lumb '29, David T. Davis '31

Seated: Mary E. Grove '32, Elizabeth...

Dramatic Club, "Tea for Three," 1928

Cast of the Dramatic Club (Dickinson Players) production of Tea for Three in Bosler Hall on March 6, 1928.

Standing, Left to Right: Claude C. Bowman '28, Fred A. Lumb '29, B. Landis '31

Sitting: Elsie S. Ferris '30, Professor Wilbur H. Norcross, Anna May...

Dramatic Club, "The Patsy," 1928

Cast of the Dramatic Club's production of The Patsy on March 27,1928.

Standing, Left to Right: Robert E. Knupp '30, Susan V. Skillington '30, Frank B Geibel '29, Frank G. McCrea '29, Dorothy A. Bryan '30, Henry L. Rohrbaugh '30.

Seated: Professor Wilbur H...

John W. Draper, c.1970

Spanish professor John Draper crosses the street with an unidentified woman.

John W. Draper, 1971

Professor John Draper of the Spanish department hosts class on the grass of the academic quad, fall 1971.

Drawing, c.1960

Professor Pusey critiques as one of his students sketches a model around 1960.

Drayer Hall cornerstone laying ceremony, 1951

President William W. Edel, History Professor Whitfield J. Bell Jr. ('35), Superintendent of grounds and buildings George Shuman Jr. ('37), and acting Dean of Women Mary M. Kellogg at the cornerstone laying ceremony for Drayer Hall on March 8, 1951. They were placing a time capsule into the...

Thomas L. Drucker, c.1990

Mathematics professor Thomas Drucker, on right, sorts through paperwork with Laura Croghan, Class of 1992.

Joseph G. DuCharme, c.1960

Professor of Physical Education Joseph DuCharme merrily leaps over a horse jump, circa 1960.

Joseph G. DuCharme, c.1975

Joseph DuCharme, Professor of Physical Education, around 1975.

Francis Dudas, c.1981

Professor Francis Dudas of the Geology department around 1981.

Edward P. Duggan, c.1975

Economics professor Edward Duggan around 1975.

Edward P. Duggan, c.1975

Professor Edward Duggan of Geology helps a student in his office, around 1975.

Rheba Pennell DuPras, c.1980

Librarian Rheba DuPras, around 1980.

Rheba Pennell DuPras, c.1980

Librarian Rheba Pennell DuPras around 1980.

Thierry Durand, 1990

French professor Thierry Durand in 1990.

Fletcher Durell, 1888

Fletcher Durell, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, in 1888.

Cyril Dwiggins plays at Commencement, 1974

Cyril Dwiggins plays during Commencement exercises on June 2, 1974.

Cyril W. Dwiggins, 1981

Philosohpy professor Cyril Dwiggins holds class outside on a March day in 1981.

Cyril W. Dwiggins, 1985

Philosophy professor Cyril Dwiggins in 1985.

Cyril W. Dwiggins teaching, 1989

Philosophy Professor Cyril W. Dwiggins leads a discussion in Memorial Hall on October 27, 1989.

Sandra Dwiggins, c.1980

Fine Arts professor Sandi Dwiggins.


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