Sylvie G. Davidson, c.1980

Sylvie Davidson, Professor of Romance Languages speaking in class, circa 1980.

Sylvie G. Davidson, 1997

Professor of Romance Languages Sylvie Davidson smiles as she examines a 1499 edition of Hypnerotomachia on April 9, 1997.  Davidson, who received the Ganoe Award for Inspirational Teaching in May 1996, used the honorarium from that award to purchase this book for Dickinson College...

Laurence J. Davies, c.1975

English professor Laurence Davies, around 1975.

Scott A. Davis, 1982

Chemistry professor Scott Davis outside in 1982.

Mary S. De Grys, c.1975

Anthropology and Sociology professor Mary De Grys, circa 1975.

Dean Allan and President Banks at Commencement, 1985

Dean George Allan and President Samuel Banks prepare to award a diploma during Commencement on May 19, 1985.

Dean Rossbacher and President Fritschler at Convocation, 1995

View of Dean Lisa A. Rossbacher ('75) and President A. Lee Fritschler in procession as part of the opening convocation ceremonies on August 28, 1995.

Denny Hall dedication ceremony, 1984

President Samuel Banks standing at the podium during the dedication ceremony of Denny Hall.

Carol M. Derrickson, c.1985

East Asian Studies professor Carol Derrickson, circa 1985.

Nancy Devino, 1991

Professor of Chemistry Nancy Devino in 1991.

Dickinson College Faculty and Students, 1941

Dickinson College faculty and students take a picture on the academic quad on March 25, 1941.

Dickinson students and faculty, c.1900

A group of 22 male Dickinson students and faculty, possibly either the Belles Lettres Society or Beta Theta Pi, around 1900.

Front Row: [unknown] ; Rev. James Harper Black ('73) ; Professor Cornelius Prettyman ('91) ; Professor Ovando Super ('73) ; [unknown] ; Professor William...

Barbara A. Diduk, 1983

Fine Arts professor Barbara Diduk assists a student in a ceramics class in 1983.

Barbara A. Diduk, 1993

Barbara Diduk, Professor of Fine Arts, on right, with a student at an Art Open House on September 7, 1993.

William M. Diefenderfer, 1986

William M. Diefenderfer, chief of staff for the Senate Finance Committee, speaks with a student following a panel discussion about the 1986 tax bill. The panel was held in Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium on October 21, 1986.  William M. Diefenderfer was a member of Dickinson's class of 1967....

Winthrop C. Difford, 1960

Geology professor Winthrop Difford holds the College Mace at Commencement on June 5, 1960, with the procession of graduates in the background.

History class digs a trench, 1977

Professor Dennis Klinge' s history class on World War I digs a trench in 1977.

Discussing experimental results, c.1990

A chemistry professor discusses the results of an experiment with two students around 1990.

Bettie Ann Doebler, c.1965

English professor Bettie Ann Doebler, sporting a Roman-esque costume, challenges a togaed man.

Bettie Ann Doebler, c.1970

Professor of English Bettie Ann Doebler, circa 1970.

John W. Doebler, 1967

John Doebler, Professor of English, in 1967.

Mara Donaldson, 1995

Professor Mara Donaldson teaches a religion class on the academic quad in May 1995. Denny Hall is visible in the background.

William E. Dornemann, c.1970

German professor William Dornemann gestures in a Shakespearian era costume.

Bonnie B. Dowdy, 1995

Psychology professor Bonnie Dowdy in 1995.

Bonnie B. Dowdy, c.1995

Psychology professor Bonnie Dowdy, on left, with Renee Torres, Class of 1997, center, and Karen Pohlman, Class of 1997, right, discussing a project titled "The Effect of Gender on Perceived Leadership Effectiveness."


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