Basketball (Men's)

John Farr Campbell, c.1940

John Farr Campbell is a member of the Class of 1941.

Class of 1914 Basketball Team, 1911

The freshman basketball team for the Class of 1914 takes a photograph for a postcard in 1911.

Front: Francis A. Dunn, Russell C. McElfish

Middle: Joel Claster, Joseph M. Hewitt, Austin C. Brady, George Worts Emmert Jr.

Back: Raymond E. Marshall,...

Class of 1918 Basketball Team, 1916

Members of the Class of 1918's basketball team during their sophomore year in 1916.

Back Row: James C. Hennen ; Robert E. Faddis ; Alvin S. Chilcoat

Front Row: Howard R. Breisch ; Eugene T. Flood ; Edward A. C. Brady

Class of 1944 Basketball Team, 1941

The Class of 1944's basketball team poses for a picture during their freshman year on February 5, 1941.

Coach Kennedy Meets with Players, 1949

Coach Charles H.B. Kennedy meets with some of his basketball players during the 1949 season.

Left to right: Frederick May, Weston Overholt, Coach Charles H.B. Kennedy, Eugene Evans, Elwood Long, John Slike

Crowded Gymnasium, c.1940

A crowd of spectators gather for a men's basketball game between Dickinson and Bucknell University in the Alumni Gymnasium around 1940.

Defending the Basket, c.1975

Two Dickinson men's basketball players defend the basket during a game versus Temple around 1975.

Fans Cheering on the Basketball Team, 1983

A stand of fans cheer on the Dickinson basketball team during a 1983 game.

William Dean Fencil, c.1940

William Dean Fencil is a member of the Class of 1941.

Donald Myres Geesey, 1940

Donald Myers Geesey (Class of 1940) poses for a picture with a basketball.

Donald Myres Geesey, 1940

Donald Myers Geesey (Class of 1940) poses for a picture while in a basketball uniform.

Golden Jubilee Basketball Game, 1942

Dickinson and Franklin & Marshall College play a game on January 21, 1942, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beginnings of basketball.  Here, Coach Richard Henry MacAndrews and Captain John R. Neiman from Dickinson greet Coach J. Shober Barr and Captain Warren Hamscher of Franklin...

William Henry Hendrickson, 1939

William Henry Hendrickson (Class of 1939) crouches with a basketball.

John D. Hopper, 1948

John D. Hopper (Class of 1948) poses for a picture with a basketball.

Llyod Wayland Hughes, 1934

Llyod Wayland Hughes, a member of the Class of 1934, plays basketball.

Bernard Joseph Keating, 1941

View of Bernard Joseph Keating (Class of 1941) in his basketball uniform. 

William Buchanan Kerfoot, 1941

View of William Buchanan Kerfoot (Class of 1941) in his basketball uniform.

William E. Kerstetter, 1936

William E. Kerstetter is a member of the Class of 1936.

William B. Kintzing, 1937

William B. Kintzing, a member of the Class of 1937, holds a basketball.

Last Regular Season Game Played in the Alumni Gymnasium, 1980

The last men's basketball game of the 1979-1980 season, which was the last regular season game to be played in the Alumni Gymnasium before it was renovated as academic space. 

The caption "So Long, Old Buddy" adorns the photo as a remembrance.

Layup Shot, 1981

A Dickinson basketball player lays up the ball during a 1981 game in the Kline Center.

Making the Shot, 1989

Pat Brogan ('90) takes a shot during a game versus Susquehanna University in January or February 1989.

The student wearing #14 is Craig "Duke" Scott ('90). The player farthest away from the camera, wearing #32, is Mark Copeland ('91) and the individual with the mustache halfway between...

Men's Basketball Team, 1924

The 1924 basketball team poses here for a picture.  Included but unidentified in this picture are Harold S. Irwin, Philip Johnston, Hugh Johnston, Clarence MacNair Wallace, Sidney D. Kline, and Arthur L. Joseph.

Men's Basketball Team, 1930

The 1930 basketball team poses for a picture.

Men's Basketball Team, c.1930

The Men's Basketball team in the early 1930s. Benjamin David James is in the first row on the right.


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