Kerber, Leonard S.

Men's Basketball Team, 1938

The 1938 men's basketball team.

First row: Earl R. Doll, William D. Reese, William H. Hendrickson, Leonard S. Kerber, Samuel Padjen

Second row: Lyman Gilbert Hertzler, Jr., Austin W. Bittle, Kinzie L. Weimer, James M. Matthews,...

Undefeated Football Team, 1937

The football team of 1937, which went undefeated in 8 games and gave up a total of 19 points over all 8 games. 

First row: George W. Barnitz (Jr.), Frederick A. Fry, Leonard S. Kerber, Thomas S. McKee, John W. Ell, William H. Myers, Gerald L. Darr, W. Roberts Pedrick, Kenneth F....

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