Kennedy, Charles H. B.

Coach Kennedy Meets with Players, 1949

Coach Charles H.B. Kennedy meets with some of his basketball players during the 1949 season.

Left to right: Frederick May, Weston Overholt, Coach Charles H.B. Kennedy, Eugene Evans, Elwood Long, John Slike

Football Team, 1931

Posed picture of the 1931 football team.

First row: Joseph F. Lipinski, Robert Williams, William P. Lehman, Edward E. Johnson (Captain), Theodore F. Eichhorn, Charles E. Myers, Kenneth J. Kennedy

Second row: Richard Snyder (frosh Coach), Forrest Eugene Craver (...

Football Team, 1942

The football team of 1942, the only football team to form during World War II, poses for a picture.

First row: S. Francis Melcher (Manager), James Prescott III, Charles S. Brown, Steward H. Hartman, Abner H. Bagenstose, J. Fred Dittman (Captain), Thomas S. McKee, Douglas C. Rehor...

Charles H.B. Kennedy, c.1950

Physical Education Professor Charles H.B. Kennedy is a member of the Class of 1934.

Men's Basketball Team, 1932

The 1932 basketball team poses for a team photograph.

First row: Joseph F. Lipinski, Meyer P. Potamkin, Joseph J. Myers, Lloyd W. Hughes, Murray Fredericks

Second row: Leon R. Sloan, John B. Fowler, J. Milton Davidson, Charles H. B. Kennedy, Melvin L. Feroe

Men's Basketball Team, 1933

The 1933 Dickinson basketball team takes a group photograph.

First row: Robert J. Finney, Charles H.B. Kennedy, J. Milton Davidson, Joseph F. Lipinski (Captain), Percy C. Wilson, Leon R. Sloan, A. James Reeves

Second row: R. Edward Steele, Lloyd W. Hughes, L....

Men's Basketball Team, 1947

The 1947 men's basketball team poses for a picture.  This is Richard MacAndrew's last year as coach.

First row: Vincent Schafmeister, Weston Overholt, John Hopper, Francis Noonan, Eugene Evans, James Pooley

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