Rehor, Douglas Charles

Football Team, 1942

The football team of 1942, the only football team to form during World War II, poses for a picture.

First row: S. Francis Melcher (Manager), James Prescott III, Charles S. Brown, Steward H. Hartman, Abner H. Bagenstose, J. Fred Dittman (Captain), Thomas S. McKee, Douglas C. Rehor...

Football Team, 1946

The football team of 1946, the first football team to form after the Second World War, poses for a picture.

First row: Richard H. MacAndrews (Trainer), John S. Steckbeck (Line), G. Leroy Krieger, Paul L. Paxton, John W. Dresch, Robert E. Mills, Colin W. MacInnis, Edward T. Hughes...

Douglas Charles Rehor, 1949

View as Douglas Charles Rehor (Class of 1948) throws a football. 

Star Football Players, 1946

Doug Rehor '48 and Vincent Schafmeister '49, star players on the 1946 football team, pose for a picture.

Starting Lineup, 1947

The starting lineup of the 1947 football team poses for a picture.

Front row: Vincent J. Schafmeiser, Harry B. Towe, W. Richard Thompson, Thomas P. Lacek, Thomas L. Guest, Joseph J. Nagy, Robert T. Keating

Middle: Paul L. Paxton

Back row: Steve...

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