Faculty Procession at Convocation, 1999

President William Durden ('71), right, and Dean Neil B. Weissman (left) lead the faculty procession at Convocation on August 31, 1999.

Faculty Procession at Convocation, 1999

Panoramic view of the Faculty procession in front of East College during Convocation on August 31, 1999. 

President William Durden ('71) is wearing a yellow gown and Dean Neil Weissman is in the orange gown.

Amy E. Farrell, c.1995

American Studies professor Amy Farrell in class around 1995.

Jacqueline Fear-Segal, c.2005

Visiting American Studies professor Jackie Fear-Seagal, around 2005.

Susan M. Feldman, 1988

Professor of Philosophy, seated on right, on August 30, 1988.

Susan M. Feldman, c.1990

Philosophy professor Susan Feldman smiling over a book.

Douglas P. Fenner, c.1980

Douglas Fenner, Professor of Psychology.

Catherine Ferguson, c.1980

French professor Catherine Ferguson teaching in class, circa 1980.

Frederick Ferre at Commencement, 1974

Philosophy Professor Frederick Ferré holds the Mace during Commencement on June 2, 1974. President Howard Rubendall is behind Professor Ferré.

Frederick P. Ferre, c.1965

A smiling Frederick Ferre, Professor of Philosophy, circa 1965.

Frederick P. Ferre, c.1980

Philosophy professor Frederick Ferre holds the College Mace in front of Old West, circa 1980.

Professor Ferre at Convocation, 1972

Philosophy Professor Frederick Ferré sits at Convocation on September 5, 1972.

Mervin Grant Filler, 1929

President Mervin Grant Filler is a member of the Class of 1893.

Edgar M. Finck, 1958

Professor Edgar Finck being carried in the Henry Ford Chair of Education which he was awarded, in February 1958.

Edgar M. Finck, 1958

Education professor Edgar Finck, left, with College president William Edel standing next to the chair presented to Finck upon his being awarded the Henry Ford Chair of Education, in February 1958.

Cornelius W. Fink, c.1935

Economics and Political Science professor Cornelius Fink, around 1935.

Cornelius W. Fink, c.1950

Cornelius Fink, Professor of Economics and Political Science, circa 1950.

First-year seminar builds house, 1995

Professor Hans Pfister's first-year seminar builds a model house on November 15, 1995.  (Prof. Pfister is standing inside the structure)

Steve Fishman, c.1990

Professor of Political Science Steve Fishman.

Leon R. Fitts, c.1975

Classics professor and defensive line coach Leon Fitts, circa 1975.

Leon R. Fitts, 1977

Classical Studies professor Leon Fitts, on right, greets Professor Joseph Schiffman of the English department at Commencement in 1977, while Fitts' wife, Mary, looks on.

Leon R. Fitts, 1984

Leon Fitts, Classical Studies professor, in class in November of 1984.

Earl E. Fitz, 1977

Spanish and Portuguese professor Earl Fitz at his desk in 1977.

Marjorie A. Fitzpatrick, c.1980

Marjorie Fitzpatrick, French Professor and Administrative Coordinator for Internships.

Flag raising, c.1920

View as students, faculty, and military officials stand on the academic quad during a flag raising ceremony around 1920.


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