John R. Eaken, 1993

Music professor John Eaken, in white shirt in center, plays his violin with other musicians in spring of 1993.

East College, c.1985

View of a class on the Academic quad outside East College around 1985.

East College, 1986

View as Dickinsonians walk by East College in the snow in 1986.

Eating Club, 1893

The eating club poses for a photograph at one of its events in 1893.

Standing: A. Coleman Sheets ('97), H. Boyer, R. Vale, Cornelius Eby Vanderbilt ('93), D. Wilson Hollinger ('98), Edward Ernest Palmer ('93)

Seated: Dr. Boyer, Miller, R. Vale, William B. Boyd ('...

Economics class, c.1990

View of an economics class in Denny Hall around 1990.

Economics professors with student, 1996

A student converses with Economics Professors Bill Bellinger (left) and Sinan Koont (right) in an office in May 1996.

Beverly Eddy, 1984

Professor of German Beverly Eddy leads a class.

Beverly Eddy, 1988

German professor Beverly Eddy perches on her desk during class on November 21, 1988.

Milton W. Eddy, c.1950

An authority on the identification of persons by hair specimens, Biology professor Milton Eddy speaks in front of his diagram of a strand of hair, circa 1950.

Milton W. Eddy, c.1950

Milton Eddy, Professor of Biology.

Milton Walker Eddy, c.1925

View of Professor Milton Walker Eddy in academic regalia around 1925. 

Education majors meeting, 1996

Education majors eat pizza at a weekly informal meeting on March 15, 1996. 

Center: Professor Cheri Quinn

Barbara B. Edwards, 1990

Spanish professor Barbara Edwards, in 1990.

Electron microscope, 1988

Professor Richard M. Lane and a student use an electron microscope in January 1988.

Electronic Language Laboratory in Tome, c.1960

Professor of Modern Languages Wright Kirk and Micheline Ricois (a Fulbright scholar from France) teach a class in the Electronic Language Laboratory around 1960. This classroom was located in the Tome Scientific Building.

Jennifer M. Elick, 1999

Jennifer Elick of the Geology department in August 1999.

Virginia J. Elkins, c.1975

Virginia Elkins, Professor of Religion and member of the class of 1967.

John R. Embick, c.1950

John Reigle Embick teaches Geology and Chemistry from 1946 to 1954.

Betsy Emerick at Convocation, 1995

Dr. Betsy Emerick, Dean of Students, speaks at Convocation on August 28, 1995.

Larry A. Engberg, c.1980

Psychology and Education professor Larry Engberg, circa 1980.

Kjell I. Enge, 1984

Anthropology professor Kjell Enge during a class located in the basement of Denny Hall in October 1984.

Kjell I. Enge, 1984

Anthropology professor Kjell Enge during a class located in the basement of Denny Hall in October 1984.

English class, 1996

Professor Carol Ann Johnston conducts an English class on April 10, 1996.

Robert M. Entman, c.1975

Robert Entman, Professor of Political Science, lecturing.

Robert M. Entman, c.1980

Political Science professor Robert Entman in his office around 1980.


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