Anderson, Paul

Men's Basketball Team, 1970

The 1970 men's basketball team poses for a picture.

Kneeling: Head Coach Dave Watkins ; Byron McClanahan ; Cal Symons ; Fred Gardner ; Lloyd Bonner ; Dave Rahauser ; Tom Meier ; Assistant Coach Paul Anderson

Standing: Head Trainer Bruce Vogelsong ; #13 [unknown...

Men's Basketball Team, 1971

The 1971 men's basketball team takes a team photograph.

Kneeling: Lloyd Bonner ; Dave Rahauser ; Henry Traylor ; Assistant Coach Paul Anderson ; Head Coach Dave Watkins ; Frosh Coach John Connor ; Dick Barnoski ; Paul Schreiber ; Frank Noonan

Standing: Student...

Men's Basketball Team, 1972

The 1972 men's basketball team.

Kneeling: Paul Schreiber, Al Vican, Paul Anderson (asst. varsity coach), David Watkins (head varsity coach), Paul Seybold (fresh. coach), John Whitman, Byron McClanahan

Standing: Richard Barnoski...

Men's Basketball Team, 1973

The 1973 men's basketball team.

Front row: Harold Shaw (student equipment manager), Greg Gaskins, Francis Noonan, Richard Barnoski, Mark Betts, George Gorman, Gary "Skip" Poliner (student manager)

Back row: Paul Anderson (asst....

Men's Basketball Team, 1972

The men's basketball team take a photograph in 1972.

Front row: David Watkins (coach), Al Vican, John Whitman (captain), Paul Schreiber, Paul Anderson (asst. coach).

Back row: Mark Caplan (manager), Michael "Mike" Sutton, Daniel Gilbert, Jeff Thompson, Steve Piper...

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