Chemistry professor and student, 1975

A chemistry professor observes an experiment with a student in 1975.

Chemistry research, 1958

Professor M. Benton Naff leads students in research using a hydrogenation apparatus in 1958.

Chemistry research project, 1960

Chemistry Professor M. Benton Naff supervises Fred Richardson ('61) and Bill Weigle ('62) as they work on a research project.

A contributor explains that this "photo was taken in the summer of 1960, when both Fred and Bill were working on a research project directed by Professor Naff and...

Chinese class

A professor leads a Chinese class in Denny Hall on November 5, 1991.

Chord Club, 1947

The all-women's Chord Club in 1947.

Dorothy H. Cieslicki, c.1975

Librarian Dorothy Cieslicki, circa 1975.

Dorothy H. Cieslicki, c.1975

Librarian Dorothy Cieslicki helps a student.

Class at the Dickinson Center, 1994

A professor teaches a small class at the Dickinson Center in Bologna.

Class in Baltimore, 1996

An American Studies class listens to its professor on a field trip in Baltimore.

Class in Denny Hall, c.1945

View of a class on the 2nd floor of Denny Hall facing W. High Street.

Class in the May Morris Room, 1981

Students in a class held in the May Morris Room in May 1981. College Archivist Martha Slotten and Professor of Music Truman C. Bullard are standing under the portrait. The May Morris Room serves as the reading room for the and is located in the Boyd Lee Spahr Library

Class in the Union Philosophical Society Hall, c.1985

View of a class in the Union Philosophical Society Hall around 1985. This room is on the third floor of Denny Hall.

Class meeting outside, 1990

Professor Robert Paul's class meets outside on the academic quad around the flag pole in 1990.

Class of 1915 Gateway, 1955

President William Edel (Class of 1915) and Vice President Gilbert Malcolm (Class of 1915) stand in the Class of 1915 Gateway with the President's House in the background.

Left to Right: Malcolm ; Edel

Class of 1929 Fifty Years later

Class of 1929 at their Fiftieth Reunion.

L to R:  C. Richard Brandt, Paul A. Friedrich, C. Perry Cleaver, John Watson Pedlow, Donald B. Waltman, Marie I. Ammon-Timmins, Harold C. Koch, Vincent William Cartusciello (Carty), Elizabeth W. Pedlow-Maginnis, George J. Patterson, Nathan...

Class of 1931 on Academic quad, 1931

The Class of 1931 and members of the Faculty pose for a picture on the Academic quad.

Class on Academic Quad, c.1985

Panoramic view of a class sitting on the Academic Quad around 1985. Old West is in the background.

Class on the Academic Quad, c.1985

Panoramic view of a class sitting on the Academic Quad around 1985. Bosler Hall, Althouse Hall, and West College are in the background.

Classics class

A classics class meets on October 25, 1992.

Classics class outside, 1997

Professor Chris Francese conducts his Latin class on the Academic quad on September 23, 1997.

Classroom in Bosler Hall, c.1985

Panoramic view of a students in a classroom in Bosler Hall around 1985.

Dennis J. Clive, c.1975

Fine Arts professor Dennis Clive, circa 1975.

Dennis J. Clive, c.1975

Dennis Clive, Professor of Fine Arts, with a slide projector.

College Choir, 1955

The Dickinson College Choir in Memorial Hall during the 1954-1955 school year.

College Choir Messiah Sing-Along, 1986

Participants of the College Choir Messiah Sing-Along stand in Rubendall Recital Hall for a group picture in December 1986.


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