Caroline H. Bruzelius, 1978

Professor of Fine Arts Caroline Bruzelius.

Beth A. Bullard, c.1975

Music professor Beth Bullard playing her flute.

Beth A. Bullard, 1990

Beth Bullard, Professor of Music in February 1990.

Truman Bullard, 1969

Music Professor Truman Bullard stands at a ceremony with an American Flag in 1969,

Truman Bullard, 1988

Music Professor Truman Bullard poses for a conductors portrait in 1988.

Truman Bullard, 1983

View of Music Professor Truman Bullard directing a choir practice in 1983.

Pam Waters is seated directly below Professor Truman's wrist.

Truman Bullard, 1993

Truman Bullard, Professor of Music.

Ted Burczak, c.1995

Economics professor Ted Burczak.

Business class

Professor Bollinger leads a business class in a discussion in April 1996.

Mark S. Byrnes, 1995

Mark Byrnes, Professor of History.

John Cage, Arts Award, 1970

1970 Arts Award recipient John Cage examines a piano with Professor Malcolm Goldstein of the Dickinson Music Department.

Harold A. Cahn, c.1955

Harold Cahn, Professor of Biology.

Diane M. Calabrese, c.1980

Biology professor Diane Calabrese fishes something out of a tank in her laboratory.

Diane M. Calabrese, 1983

Biology professor Diane Calabrese.

Ron Callan, 1991

Ron Callan, Professor of English, in his office on January 9, 1991.

Ron Callan, 1991

English professor Ron Callan leads a discussion on February 6, 1991.

Blayne E. Carroll, c.1995

Blayne Carroll, Professor of Computer Sciences.

James W. Carson, 1983

History professor James Carson, who has two wrist watches on his left wrist, reads a book in a room full of boxes in 1983.

Clarence J. Carver, c.1935

Education professor Clarence Johnson Carver, a member of the Class of 1909, around 1935.

Francis P. Cavanaugh, Jr., c.1975

Captain Francis Cavanaugh, Professor of Military Science.

Robert W. Cavenagh, Jr., 1979

Professor of Fine Arts and Director of Instructional Media Robert Cavenagh, Jr. screen prints a Three Mile Island t-shirt after the March 1979 nuclear crisis.

Robert W. Cavenagh, Jr., c.1980

Robert Cavenagh, Jr., Professor of Fine Arts and Director of Instructional Media, circa 1980.

Cellist and Teacher, c.1980

A student cellist receives a note from a teacher during a performance around 1980.

Chamber Choir, 1970

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir  after their spring concert in 1970.

Standing: Nancy Johnson, Mark Weir, C. Lu Conser, David Llewellyn, Barbara West, Joseph Sobel, Mary Somerville, Richard  Kittel, Thomas James, Penny Gilmour, John Miller, John Cotter.


Chamber Choir, 1972

View of the Chamber Choir in front of Witwer Hall in spring 1972.


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