Spahr, Boyd Lee

Academic Procession at Commencement, c.1955

Professor David I. Gleim carries the college mace as he leads the academic procession at a Commencement around 1955. President William Edel ('15) and Boyd Lee Spahr ('00) are directly behind Professor Gleim.

Boyd Lee Spahr in May Morris Room of the Library, 1967

Trustee Boyd Lee Spahr (Class of 1900) sits in the processing area of the May Morris Room, located in the Archives on the second floor of Spahr Library, in 1967. Joseph Priestley's telescope and a bust of noted abolitionist Moncure D. Conway, a member of the Class of 1849, are on the table.

Boyd Lee Spahr with President Rubendall, 1967

Boyd Lee Spahr ('00) stands outside the Spahr Library with President Howard Lane Rubendall ('31) in 1967.

Commencement, 1954

A group of alumni, faculty, trustees, and honorary degree recipients stand on the porch of Drayer Hall on June 13, 1954. Trickett Hall, as well as several other Dickinson School of Law buildings, are visible in the background.

The back row from right to left is Ernest Vuilleumier (...

Fred Pierce Corson, c.1935

View as President Fred Pierce Corson (left) stands beside trustee James Henry Morgan (center) and President of the Board of Trustees, Boyd Lee Spahr (right).

Corson is Class of 1917, Morgan is Class of 1878, and Spahr is Class of 1900.

William Wilcox Edel, 1946

Boyd Lee Spahr ('00), President of the Board of Trustees, shakes hands with William Wilcox Edel '15 (right) on President Edel's Inauguration Day on October 26, 1946.

Edgar Rohrer Heckman, 1935

View of trustee Edgar Rohrer Heckman (second row, far right), a member of the Class of 1897, in academic regalia with members of the Board of Trustees and other college administrators in 1935.

Boyd Lee Spahr (Class of 1900), Gilbert Malcolm (Class of 1915), and William Wilcox Edel (Class...

Honorary Degree recipients at Founders Day Convocation, 1949

Honorary Degree recipients stand with their sponsors on the steps of Old West during the Founders Day Special Convocation on May 5, 1949. Vice President Gilbert Malcolm ('15) is standing on the far right of the first row. 

Inauguration of Gilbert Malcolm, 1959

Former President William W. Edel (left) helps President Gilbert Malcolm get into the robes of office in 1959. Edel and Malcolm are members of the Class of 1915.

Inauguration of Howard Rubendall, 1961

View as trustee George Shuman and former President Gilbert Malcom help President Howard Rubendall during his inauguration on October 28, 1961. The inauguration ceremony is in Allison Memorial Methodist Church.

Left to Right: Trustee Boyd Lee Spahr ; George Shuman ; Dr. Rubendall...

Phi Kappa Sigma, c.1900

Current and past members of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity around 1900:

1. Prof Edgar R. Heckman ‘97

2. Raymond Newman Hockenberry ‘99

3. Thomas Leonard Hoover ‘00

4. Bertrand L. Chapman ‘02

5. James Garfield Steese ‘02

6. Duncan Mervyn Graham ‘73

Phi Kappa Sigma, c.1900

Members of Phi Kappa Sigma around 1900.

Back row, left to right: Walter Wells Hoover '00, Thomas Leroy Jones '01, Raymond Newman Hockenberry '99, Dorsey Newton Miller '01, William Mark Wooster '01, Thomas Leonard Hoover '00

Middle Row: Harry J. Sondheim '99,...

Phi Kappa Sigma, c.1900

Members of Phi Kappa Sigma around 1900. 

Left to Right: Bertrand L. Chapman '02,  Harry J. Sondheim '99, Boyd Lee Spahr '00 (in chair)

President Howard Rubendall, 1961

President Howard Rubendall (far right) and his wife speak to former President Gilbert Malcolm (far left) and trustee Boyd Lee Spahr at an event in 1961.

Boyd Lee Spahr, 1900

Boyd Lee Spahr is a member of the Class of 1900.

Boyd Lee Spahr, c.1920

Boyd Lee Spahr is a member of the Class of 1900. Spahr also serves on the Board of Trustees, starting in 1908.

Boyd Lee Spahr, c.1960

View of trustee Boyd Lee Spahr (Class of 1900) standing under the portrait of John Dickinson at an event around 1960.

Boyd Lee Spahr, c.1960

Trustee Boyd Lee Spahr (class of 1900) at an event with his wife, Katharine Spahr, and President Gilbert Malcolm (class of 1915).

Left to Right: Boyd Lee Spahr ; Mrs. Spahr ; President Malcolm ; [unknown]

Boyd Lee Spahr at Commencement, 1961

Boyd Lee Spahr, Class of 1900 and a member of the Board of Trustees, sits in the audience at Commencement in the Alumni Gymnasium on June 4, 1961.

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