Hockenberry, Raymond Newman

First Football Team, 1897

The football team poses with Dick the Dog in 1897.

First row: Arthur M. Devall, Garrett B. Stevens, John Farr Boate, Lewis Peter Wingert, David Neil Houston, Raymond Newman Hockenberry, Charles Oscar Ford, Harry Cornman Lowther, J. Banks...

Football Team, Posed Picture, 1896

A posed photograph of the football squad, 1896.  The photograph is damaged.

Front Row: Thomas Marshall West, '99; Lewis Peter Wingert, '98; Irvin M Wertz, '99; Charles Oscar Ford (Capt.), '98; Edgar Rohrer Heckman, '97; Forrest Eugene Craver, '99; Thomas W. Troxell, '98; David...

Football Team, 1898

The football team poses with the iconic Dick the Dog in 1898.

First row: Steward Flagler Shiffer, Forrest Eugene Craver, David Neil Houston, Raymond Newman Hockenberry, Charles Hamsher Clippinger.

Second row: Fred Bindenberger, William Herbert Decker, Arthur M....

Raymond Newman Hockenberry, 1899

Raymond Newman Hockenberry is a member of the Class of 1899.

Phi Kappa Sigma, c.1900

Members of Phi Kappa Sigma around 1900.

Back row, left to right: Walter Wells Hoover '00, Thomas Leroy Jones '01, Raymond Newman Hockenberry '99, Dorsey Newton Miller '01, William Mark Wooster '01, Thomas Leonard Hoover '00

Middle Row: Harry J. Sondheim '99,...

Phi Kappa Sigma, c.1900

Current and past members of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity around 1900:

1. Prof Edgar R. Heckman ‘97

2. Raymond Newman Hockenberry ‘99

3. Thomas Leonard Hoover ‘00

4. Bertrand L. Chapman ‘02

5. James Garfield Steese ‘02

6. Duncan Mervyn Graham ‘73

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