Woodside, Robert Elmer

Commencement, 1954

A group of alumni, faculty, trustees, and honorary degree recipients stand on the porch of Drayer Hall on June 13, 1954. Trickett Hall, as well as several other Dickinson School of Law buildings, are visible in the background.

The back row from right to left is Ernest Vuilleumier (...

Dickinsonian Staff, 1926

The staff of The Dickinsonian for the 1925-1926 academic year poses for a photograph in 1926.

Center bottom: Robert E. Woodside, '26, Editor-in-Chief

Football Team, 1954

The team picture for the 1954 football squad.

First row: Charles M. Garwood, David H. Orbock, Andrew A. Cominsky, James L. Nellas, Albert A. Barilar, Grey F. Rolland, Frank M. Schwartz

Second row: William Matthews, Richard L. Graham, James A. LaNave, George A. "...

Football Team, 1955

The football team of 1955 poses for a group picture.

First row: Frank M. Schwartz, Charles M. Garwood, Andrew A. Cominsky, Albert A. Barilar, Harold J. Kissell, Donald P. Allegretto

Second row: Charles A. Ferrone, B. Charles Banks (Jr.), Richard L. Graham, William...

Football Team, 1956

The football team of 1956 poses for a picture.

First row: Richard H. Shanaman, David A. Woodruff, Michael R. Gardner, Robert E.  Myers, Willis D. Coston (II), William Matthews, Richard L. Graham, Robert E. Woodside, Harvey E. Bair, Norman G. Berger, Frank T. Campanelli


Football Team Captains, 1956

The team captains for the 1956 football team pose for a picture.

Left to right: Richard L. Graham, Robert E. Woodside, William Matthews

Honorary Degree recipients, 1965

A group photograph of honorary degree recipients (sitting) and their sponsors at Commencement on June 6, 1965. 

Seated from left to right:  John M. Hoerner ('31), Dr. Mary D. Ames, President Howard L. Rubendall ('31), Nathan M. Pusey, Judge Robert Lee Jacobs ('32), and Dean...

Two trustees, Robert Elmer Woodside ('26) and William Vernon Middleton ('28), at the inauguration of President Howard Lane Rubendall ('31) in 1961.

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