Heckman, Edgar Rohrer

Football Team, 1894

The Football team in 1894.

First row: Ruby R. Vale ('96), Harry Messec ('97), Edgar R. Heckman ('97)

Second row: Fred Stitt ('95), D. Wilson Hollinger ('98), James L. N. Channel ('96), Wilbur M. Yeingst, and [unknown]

Third row: Robert Eldon ('96...

Football Team, Posed Picture, 1896

A posed photograph of the football squad, 1896.  The photograph is damaged.

Front Row: Thomas Marshall West, '99; Lewis Peter Wingert, '98; Irvin M Wertz, '99; Charles Oscar Ford (Capt.), '98; Edgar Rohrer Heckman, '97; Forrest Eugene Craver, '99; Thomas W. Troxell, '98; David...

Edgar Rohrer Heckman, 1897

Edgar Rohrer Heckman is a member of the Class of 1897.

Edgar Rohrer Heckman, 1935

View of trustee Edgar Rohrer Heckman (second row, far right), a member of the Class of 1897, in academic regalia with members of the Board of Trustees and other college administrators in 1935.

Boyd Lee Spahr (Class of 1900), Gilbert Malcolm (Class of 1915), and William Wilcox Edel (Class...

Phi Kappa Sigma, c.1900

Members of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity with friends around 1900. They are in the Phi Kappa Sigma Room above Stambaugh's store on the corner of Pitt St. & Main Street in Carlisle.

Top Row, left to right: William "Billy" Wooster '00, [unknown], Herman Bosler Biddle '03

Phi Kappa Sigma, c.1900

Members of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity and their friends around 1900.

Top Row, Left to Right: Mary Hepburn, Virg McIntire, Rose McKeehan, Clurie McKeehan, Toots Haddock

Bottom Row: [unknown], Herman Bosler Biddle '03, Eugene Foster Heller '04, William "Billy"...

Phi Kappa Sigma, c.1900

Current and past members of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity around 1900:

1. Prof Edgar R. Heckman ‘97

2. Raymond Newman Hockenberry ‘99

3. Thomas Leonard Hoover ‘00

4. Bertrand L. Chapman ‘02

5. James Garfield Steese ‘02

6. Duncan Mervyn Graham ‘73

Prep School Track Team, 1898

Members of the Dickinson College Preparatory School Track team on the steps of Bosler Hall in 1858.

The students are identified by the number on the picture:   1 Frank Cayou; 2 Albert Nash;  3 J. S. Warren; 4 Carp Evans;...

Track Team, 1896

The track team gathers for a photo on the steps of Old West in 1896.

First Row: Thomas Marshall West, Hollinger, Irvin M. Wertz, Edgar Rohrer Heckman, Lewis Peter Wingert, Harry Cornman Lowther, J. Banks Ralston, Forrest Eugene Craver, Howard Wilkinson

Second Row:...

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