Football Team, 1894

Football Team, 1894

The Football team in 1894.

First row: Ruby R. Vale ('96), Harry Messec ('97), Edgar R. Heckman ('97)

Second row: Fred Stitt ('95), D. Wilson Hollinger ('98), James L. N. Channel ('96), Wilbur M. Yeingst, and [unknown]

Third row: Robert Eldon ('96), Thomas W. Davis ('96), [Charles Cochram?], C. Oscar Ford ('98), Rufus V. B. Lincoln Capt ('96), William C. Nevin ('97), and Forrest E. Craver ('99)

Fourth row: John Edwards ('96), J. A. Eldon ('96), J. Frey Gilroy ('96), Walter Taylor ('97), [unknown], and Albert C. W. Rochow ('97)

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