Football Team, Posed Picture, 1896

Football Team, Posed Picture, 1896

A posed photograph of the football squad, 1896.  The photograph is damaged.

Front Row: Thomas Marshall West, '99; Lewis Peter Wingert, '98; Irvin M Wertz, '99; Charles Oscar Ford (Capt.), '98; Edgar Rohrer Heckman, '97; Forrest Eugene Craver, '99; Thomas W. Troxell, '98; David Neil Houston, '00.

Second Row: George W. Sheetz, '98; Walter Taylor, '97; Coach Nathan Pennypacker Stauffer; J. Banks Ralston, '98; [unknown]; [unknown].

Third Row: Walter Wells Hoover, '00; [unknown]; William Henry Bosley Jr., '98; Charles Fayette Armour, '00; Charles Graffus Tate, '98; Raymond Newman Hockenberry, '99; H. W. Seifert; Harry Cornman Lowther, '98; Edmund L. Ryan.

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