Harry F. Booth, c.1975

Harry Booth, Professor of Religion, shares a light moment with students, around 1975.

Marcello Borges, 1997

History professor Marcello Borges in 1997.

Kristen S. Borre, c.1990

Professor of Anthropology Kristen Borre around 1990.

Bosler Hall, the Learning Center, c.1970

View of a class in the Learning Center, located in Bosler Hall.

See the November 6, 1970 issue of the Dickinsonian for more information.

Judith Bostock receives honorary degree, 2000

Judith Louise Bostock '63 receives an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree at the Commencement ceremony on May 14, 2000. 

At left, Betsy K. Emerick, Dean of Educational Services and Associate Professor of English, assists.  At right, President William Durden speaks.

William R. Bowden, 1975

English professor William Bowden in 1975.

William R. Bowden, c.1975

Professor William Bowden of the English department, on left, speaks with students, circa 1975.

Dorothy W. Bowers, 1970

Librarian Dorothy Bowers laughing at her desk in 1970.

Dorothy W. Bowers, c.1970

Librarian Dorothy Bowers speaks with students in Spahr Library around 1970.

Professor Donald Bowie's English class, 1984

Professor Donald Bowie teaches an English class in room 317 of Denny in 1984.

Donald V. Bowie, c.1980

English professor Donald Bowie, circa 1980.

Robert J. Boyle, 1983

Robert Boyle, Professor of Physics, standing, points something out to students in class.

Robert J. Boyle, 1986

Professor of Physics Robert Doyle enjoys skiing across campus after a snowfall in February 1986.

James A. Boytim, 1984

Professor of Education and Psychology James Boytim, in February 1984.

Nathan Bracher, c.1985

Professor Nathan Bracher of the French department, circa 1985.

Anita R. Brandon, 1981

Professor of Music Anita Brandon in 1981.

Brass Ensemble at Commencement, 1998

Music Professor Truman Bullard directs the Brass Ensemble during Commencement on May 17, 1998.

Thomas M. Brennan, 1980

Professor of Biology Thomas Brennan helps a student on October 20, 1980.

Thomas M. Brennan, 1990

Biology professor Thomas Brennan in February 1990.

John F. Brougher, 1965

Education professor John Brougher helps move books to the new library at Shippensburg University in July 1965.

John H. Broujos, c.1965

Professor of Public Speaking John Broujos.

David F. Brubaker, c.1960

David Brubaker, Professor of Dramatic Arts and Modern Dance.

David F. Brubaker, 1983

Professor of Dramatic Arts and Modern Dance David Brubaker speaks with Rebecca Frederick, Class of 1984.

Josephine Brunyate Meredith, c.1940

Josephine Brunyate Meredith, English Professor and Dean of Women, is a member of the Class of 1901.

Caroline H. Bruzelius, 1978

A big smile from Fine Arts professor Caroline Bruzelius.


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