Academic procession at President Rubendall's Inauguration, 1961

View of the academic procession during President Howard Rubendall's inauguration on October 28, 1961.

Academic Quad, 1916

Students and faculty stand in groups throughout the quad during the 1915-1916 academic year.

The caption reads: "Campus of Dickinson College, 1915-16"

Students in this photo include: Esther Popel ('19) ; William Jefferson ('19)

Dennis P. Akin, 1982

Professor of Fine Arts Dennis P. Akin poses for a photograph in a painting studio in 1982.

Dennis P. Akin, 1984

Professor of Fine Arts Dennis Akin gives a student guidance during a painting class in the spring of 1984.

Herbert S. Alexander, c.1970

Herbert Alexander, professor of Psychology and advisor to Hillel, speaks at an Hillel event, circa 1970.

Herbert S. Alexander, 1971

Psychology professor Herbert Alexander, advisor to Hillel, (on right) helps to unroll a Torah scroll in 1971.

George J. Allan, c.1975

Philosophy professor George Allan talks in his office, circa 1975.

George J. Allan, 1981

Dean and Professor of Philosophy George Allan leads students on a winter walk in 1981.

Alpha Lambda Delta induction ceremony, 1989

A group photograph at the Alpha Lambda Delta induction ceremony in Memorial Hall in May 1989.

Alpha Lamda Delta induction ceremony, 1989

View of the Alpha Lambda Delta induction ceremony in Memorial Hall on May 19, 1989.

Alumni at Homecoming, 1982

Two women speak during an event at Homecoming in fall 1982.

Christine Amoroso, c.1980

Professor of Dramatic Arts and modern dance instructor Christine Amoroso poses in a dance studio around 1979.

Christine Amoroso, c.1980

Christine Amoroso, professor of Dramatic Arts and instructor of modern dance, circa 1980.

Chris Anderson, 1984

Spanish professor Chris Anderson lectures about a painting in February 1984.

Chris Anderson, c.1990

Professor Chris Anderson of the Spanish Department lectures to his students on the steps of Bosler Hall, around 1990.

Judith Anderson with students and faculty, Arts Award, 1960

Arts Award recipient actress Judith Anderson relaxes with students and faculty in December 1960.

Bruce R. Andrews, c.1965

Political Science professor Bruce Andrews.

Bruce R. Andrews, 1992

Professor of Political Science Bruce Andrews is congratulated after receiving the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award at Commencement on May 24, 1992.

Robert N. H. Andrews, c.1960

English professor Roberth Nathan Hale Andrews lecturing in class.

Paul F. M. Angiolillo, 1968

Paul Angiolillo, Professor of Modern Languages

Paul F. M. Angiolillo, c.1980

Professor of Modern Languages Paul Angiolillo at his desk.

Anthropology Class

Professor Henry Wade Seaford leads an anthropology class in a discussion around 1980.

Anthropology Class

Professor Ann Hill meets with her anthropology class in a coffeeshop in 1996.

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, c.1980

History professor Jo Ann Argersinger in her office.

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, c.1980

Professor Jo Ann Argersinger of the History department sitting in her almost empty office.


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