Judith M. Bennett

Judy May Bennett of the Health Center and Physical Education department in February 1990.

John E. Benson, 1970

Professor John Benson of the Chemistry department, on right, accepts a check from the Gulf Oil Foundation in 1970.

John E. Benson, c.1980

Chemistry professor John Benson seated in his office, circa 1980.

Gordon S. Bergston, c.1990

Professor of Economics Gordon S. Bergston.

Paul J. Biebel, 1981

Biology professor Paul Biebel explains a concept to students while Philip Conrad '85, standing behind, looks on.

Paul J. Biebel, 2002

Paul Biebel, Professor of Biology, in his office in 2002.

Elizabeth J. Billings, c.1980

Elizabeth Billings, Professor of French and German, uses a slide projector during class, circa 1980.

Biology Class, c.1955

Professor Milton Eddy lectures to his biology class around 1955.

Biology fieldwork, 1991

Robin Turin '93 (right), under the guidance of Professor Janet Wright, uses a syringe on a woodchuck in April 1991.

Biology Lab, c.1955

Professor Milton Eddy's (standing, center back) biology class performs a microscopy lab around 1955.

Biology lab, 1990

A professor and two students discuss specimens in a biology lab in October 1990.

Biology lab

Professor Anthony Pires (left) supervises two students performing a biology lab in March 1996.

William G. Bloodgood, c.1955

Economics professor William Bloodgood, circa 1955.

John Bloom, 1995

American Studies professor John Bloom in 1995.

Jennifer Blyth, c.2000

Music professor Jennifer Blyth at the piano.

Jennifer Blyth, 2001

Music professor Jennifer Blyth in the fall of 2001.

Marianna Bogojavlensky, c.1980

German and Russian professor Marianna Bogojavlensky teaches with a smile.

Marianna Bogojavlensky, c.1980

Professor of German and Russian Marianna Bogojavlensky in her office.

Marianna Bogojavlensky, c.1985

German and Russian professor Marianna Bogojavlensky smiles over a book, circa 1985.

Noni M. Bohonak, c.1985

Mathematics professor Noni Bohonak, circa 1985.

Noni M. Bohonak, c.1985

Noni Bohonak, Professor of Mathematics, enjoys a donut.

Bologna program, 1997

Students Amy Miller, Ryan Sanders, and Peter Sanders (all class of 1998) meet Professor Clarissa Pagni in the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy.

Roscoe O. Bonisteel Observatory, c.1965

Professor Henry Yeagley points at the Bonisteel Observatory's retractable roof. This observatory was on the roof of Althouse Hall in 1965.

Roscoe O. Bonisteel Observatory, c.1965

Professor Henry Yeagley with students at the Bonisteel Observatory on the roof of Althouse Hall around 1965.

Harry F. Booth, c.1975

Professor of Religion Harry Booth.


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