Football Team, c.1890

Football Team, c.1890

The football squad poses with their ball and Dickinson spiritwear.

By rows:

Front: George M. Frownfelter '92, Morris E. Wooden '93, William F. Patton (Capt.) '92, Edward S. J. McAllister '92, H.M. Stephens '92, George E. Mills '91, Francis B. Harvey '93, Charles E. Bikle '86, N.B. Masters '93

Middle: Harry B. Justice '94, John L. Hynson '92, C. Grant Cleaver '94, Harry E. Sitler '93

Back: Van P. Northrup '92, Thomas H. Evans '93, Cyrus A. Terhune '93, Foster Sudler (one of the Directors of Athletics '91)

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