LGBT History Project: LGBT-063 PA State Archives Transfer Collection

PA Governor’s Council for Sexual Minorities Embosser with leather case
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circa 1976

This collection contains an embosser for the PA Governor’s Council for Sexual Minorities. The council was an officially appointed advisory committee created by Governor Milton J. Shapp in 1976. Governor Shapp, by executive order, declared that all executive branch offices and services were to end discriminatory practices and policies against all LGBTQ+ employees, clients, and program of state services. The council was his instrument for the implementation of his decree throughout the Executive Branch of state government. Council committees consisted of knowledgeable LGBTQ+ activists appointed by Governor Shapp to work side-by-side with official state employees to monitor and rewrite government regulations and practices to reflect the executive order.

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Gift of PA States Archives
LGBT-063 PA State Archives Transfer Collection
Dickinson College Archives and Special Collections