LGBT Oral History 082: Dan Miller

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March 15, 2014

Daniel (Dan) C. Miller’s colorful humor and personality were persistent throughout the interview. He shares his experiences growing up and coming out in his early 30s. His coming out experience was during his time working for Donald L. DeMuth. Specifically, homosexuality was listed as a fireable offense in his contract; the contract also contained one of the most overly broad non-compete clauses held up in a court of law. As Miller fought for the rights of the LGBT community he found himself thrust upon the public stage. Miller shares how he was fired from DeMuth and one year later faced a lawsuit on the basis of the non-compete clause; Miller countersued for wrongful termination. Miller contributes his lack of resources and knowledge of the legal system, as well as Judge Kevin Hess’s instruction to the jury, who did not want homosexuality to be a factor in the jury’s deliberation, as factors which caused him to lose the case. Despite the financial and incredible emotional cost of this case, he cites that gays around the area who had also been fired reached out to him. Dan Miller, who grew up without gay mentors or people to look to, became the hero he was looking for.

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LGBT Oral History - Miller, Dan - 082
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