Gay Switchboard of Harrisburg (GSH)

GSH Newsletter - November 1981
November 1981

The GSH Newsletter is an outreach feature of the Gay Switchboard of Harrisburg. Noteworthy articles in this issue are:

  • "San Francisco Olympics"
  • "New Newsletter"
  • "Students Talk Back" presents letters on human...
GSH Newsletter - December 1981
December 1981

The GSH Newsletter is an outreach feature of the Gay Switchboard of Harrisburg. This was the last newsletter created by the Switchboard, due to the establishment of another gay press in Harrisburg. Notable articles in this issue are:

The Calendar (Dignity/Central PA) - March to May 1982
March to May 1982

Calendar of events hosted by Dignity/Central PA during the Spring of 1982.

Lavender Letter (Harrisburg, PA) - July 1983
July 1983

Created by Lorraine Kujawa, Cindy Mitzel, Mary Nancarrow, and several others in 1983, the Lavender Letter Newsletter was a calendar of events for, by, and about lesbian women to create community in the Central Pennsylvania area. The newsletter...

Lily White and Company Annual Report - January 13, 1994
January 13, 1994

Lily White and Company 1994 Annural Report. Information includes:

- 1993 Board of Directors
- President's Report
- 1992 to 1993 Fiscal Report
- Managing Director's Report
- Organizational History on page 3 and 12

John Folby
March 26, 2014

John Folby was born in Pittsburgh in 1947. He was the oldest of five children in an Irish-Italian Catholic family. He relocated to Harrisburg in 1975 with his partner. John continues to live with his partner in Harrisburg in a relationship...

Colin Kreitzer
February 16, 2017

Colin Kreitzer was born in 1947 in Enola, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania with his parents and his younger sister. He attended West Chester College and moved to Harrisburg in 1977, where he began getting involved in the...

LGBT History Project Logo
March 8, 2017

This is a story circle with Barry Loveland, Richard Hause, and Steven Leshner discussing the life and work of Jerry Brennan. They begin with the discussion of Jerry’s childhood religion and his attendance of St. Bernard’s...

 Dignity and Pink Triangle Pins

This collection contains monthly newsletters produced by the Gay Switchboard of Harrisburg in 1981, and an assortment of buttons documenting LGBTQ+ events and issues.


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