Foltz, Paul

"Poodles, Parking, and Pigskin Preppies" Program for Altland High School - 1995

Program for "Poodles,Parking, and Pigskin Preppies" performed by Lily White and Company. This version was the Altland High School. 

Lily-Gram - Summer 1995

The Lily-Gram was a newsletter produced by the Lily White & Company for members of the company. Highlights in this issue include:

  • "Rehearsals for' A Lily White Christmas IV' " (p. 1)
  • "Calender Survey Report" (p. 2)...
Lily White & Company Calendar Survey - July 1995

The Calendar Survey was a questionnaire created by Paul Foltz to gather feedback from the company members about what “they want to do or see the company do” in the upcoming calendar year. This PDF includes the announcement, a blank copy of the...

"A Quiet End" Program - July 1995
July 1995

Program for "A Quiet End" performed by Lily White and Company on July 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, and 23 at the Open Stage of Harrisburg at Strawberry Square. 

Lily White & Company Calendar Survey Report - August 1995
August 1995

In this report, Paul Foltz gives the analysis of the Calendar Survey that was sent out to Lily White and Company members. The 1995 to 1997 performance calendar, which was created with the survey information, is also provided at the end of the...

"A Lily White Christmas 4" Lilybill - December 3, 1995
December 3, 1995

Program for "A Lily White Christmas 4" performed by Lily White and Company. 

"Lily Unplugged" Lilybill - July 20, 1997
July 20, 1997

Porgram for "Lily Unplugged" performed by Lily White and Company at the Ramada Inn, Harrisburg, PA. Includes a timeline of when  performers joined the troupe.

A Tribute to the Past 40 Years of Music Program
1987, 2008

Paul Foltz grew up in Steelton, PA. After college, Foltz began studying theatre in England. It was here that Foltz discovered a strong and open LGBTQ+ community. When he returned to the United States, he became involved in Pennsylvania’s LGBTQA...

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Lily White & Company Promotional Material

Founded by Paul Foltz in 1982, Lily White and Company was a south central Pennsylvania organization composed of entertainers and female impersonators. Lily White and Company produced numerous shows and performances throughout central Pennsylvania...


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